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design begins with your story.

I.  Design Consultation

(up to 2 hours on-site or online)

Providing you with tailored, actionable advice relevant to your surroundings and budget, our interior expertise extends to: 

  • space planning 

  • lighting

  • furniture, and furniture layout

  • windows and window treatment

  • colour 

  • art

  • flooring

  • storage solutions


A summary of suggestions and recommendations are provided post-consultation, together with any hand drawn sketches produced during the visit. 

Fee Structure



Design consultation fee is $415 (on site) $300 (online). Further work derived from the initial consult will be discussed and quoted separately, along with any detailed documentation at the client’s request.


  • Call us to make a complimentary 30 min appointment to discuss your project.

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Interior and spatial design that brings your story to life.

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