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Let your story unfold with unique design.

Our team are versed in interior storytelling of all shapes and sizes, from the concept development and documentation of large-scale  projects to furniture and fitting schedules for interior styling. 


Work with us to transform your hotel into one that’s a true reflection of your brand.

I.  Design Consultation


Spending two hours with you on-site, our head designer will explore the ways interior design and/or styling can be used to enhance your brand. We'll provide a report containing a detailed analysis of your hotel's current design needs and  actionable advice to address each of them.

II.  Consultation + Project Design

We visit your hotel and meet you (and your team) At this stage you do the talking and we listen and learn everything about your brand and your vision. After this meeting, our creative juices start flowing to come up with an exciting and creative hotel concept that best narrates that vision. This initial concept is then refined further and once you're 100% happy, we  then go away to produce a documentation package ready to take to the commercial builder. During the construction stage, our team is available to coordinate the project so that your vision comes to life, uncompromised.

Interior and spatial design that brings your brand's story to life.
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