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We believe beauty is an inside job.

II. Consultation + Project Design


Upon completion of an initial design consultation (detailed here),  the team will develop the concepts discussed in further detail, providing the documentation required for full or partial interior design projects or selection schedules in the case of interior styling projects.


Consultation inclusions:


  • Scope identification

  • Inspiration and style references

  • Initial photographic documentation and site assessment

  • Timeframe expectations

  • Budget expectations

  • Design Narratives’ working processes


Post consultation, a design proposal fee, indicative timeframes and the extent of engagement required from Design Narratives will be presented. Once approved, the team will commence work on the following:


  • Concept design

  • Design development

  • Cost estimate

  • Design documentation.

Fee Structure


The extent, benefits and costings of the consultation and design process will be discussed at the time of booking.


Residential projects:          

  • Up to 2 hours on-site: $415

  • Up to 2 hours online or in-studio: $300



  • Call us to make a complimentary 30 min appointment to discuss your project.

Interior and spatial design that brings your story to life.

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